What makes an event great?

Great events help people experience your brand in memorable ways. Events may include:

  • Meeting influential people connected to your company
  • Meeting the executive team
  • Being to the first to hear news
  • Experiencing the company’s product in a unique setting

When an event makes sense

You should consider holding an event if you have:

  • A major company or product announcement
  • A major milestone to celebrate

The details matter most

Done well, an event will increase your brand recognition and retention. No detail for an event is too small, whether it’s the right invitation list, the theme, catering, the name, the logo, having umbrella stands and coat racks for inclement weather, and more.

If you are planning a large event, hiring an event planner can make an event memorable. Event planners often know how to avoid problems before they occur.

Event marketing

The right promotion of any event is equally important.

Promotion could include email marketing, digital marketing (website or microsite), great creative, social media, word of mouth, etc. The right mix will depend on the target audience and the event goals.

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