Unique Clients Want Unique Plans

We’ve been in the marketing business for 20 years each. And there’s nothing more frustrating than a firm obviously recycling a plan from another client. (Sometimes, they even forget to change the name. Ugh.)

What you want are firms who understand key marketing principles, have a process and realize that each client demands a unique integrated marketing plan.

That’s what you will find with Amy Atkinson Communications.

Marketing Principles

As veterans of marketing, we’ve been around enough to know you have to have principles if you want sustained success. Here are ours:

  • Get results. The bottom line matters more than anything else.
  • Give yourself some boundaries. Everyone is not your target audience, ever for the President. Narrow your target audiences and get to know them exceptionally well.
  • Make your customer the hero. Potential customers care most about solving their problems. Talk their language. Help them to understand and solve their problems. And fulfill their needs.
  • Focus on excellence more the difference. Competitors can copy difference. Excellence is enduring.
  • Have a voice.¬†The market likes fresh voices that stand out from the crowd. Copying other people lowers your ceiling.
  • Optimize your channels. Marketing is a diverse landscape. Only the biggest brands can be everywhere all the time. But even the smallest business can optimize how they use different marketing channels.
  • Measure and report. If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it. It’s cliche, and it’s true.

Marketing Process

Our goal is to make you a hero.

First, we have to assess where you are right now and how you got here. Formulating a plan unique to your company means spending some time with you to  understand the target audience, review prior results, dig into metrics, etc.

Next, we look at where you want to go and how fast you want to get there. Your goals and timeline will help frame any recommendations.

We’ll also want to know about your competition. They are an important part of any marketing equation.

The next part is on us. Depending the project, we’ll explore:

  • Brand identity
  • Messaging
  • Audience(s)
  • Metrics
  • Channels
  • Strategies
  • Tactics
  • Schedule
  • Budget
  • Reporting

The result will be an integrated marketing plan tailored to your needs, budget and timeline. It may include all of the items above or some of them. It will always be unique to your company.

Where it goes from there is up to you

Our team has experience managing marketing team inside both large and small companies. We’ve worked in agencies managing a piece of overall marketing plans. We are available for all of the following:

  • Execute the plan as your de facto marketing department
  • Serve as an outsourced chief marketing officer for your marketing team
  • Coach your existing marketing team on a regular basis
  • Make recommendations for executing the plan with in-house resources

We’re flexible depending on your needs.